Heather Kimel

Heather, the founder of Fourth View Partners LLC, brings an impressive track record of over 20 years in real estate portfolio management. Her extensive expertise enables her to identify and capitalize on lucrative real estate investment prospects while ensuring accessibility to high-quality housing at affordable rates. 


Heather's forward-thinking strategies have led to the development of a diverse and prosperous real estate investment portfolio. With her wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional housing options, Heather remains steadfast in propelling the company to even greater achievements.

Joshua McClintock

Joshua's ascent within Fourth View Partners LLC has been marked by his exceptional abilities in managing various aspects of the business. Starting as an on-site building manager, he quickly demonstrated his expertise in overseeing daily operations. Recognizing his outstanding performance, Joshua was promoted to the role of Director of Operations, where he now assumes responsibility for a wide range of activities.


In his current position, Joshua oversees all operations, including property renovations and improvements. He ensures that all projects are executed smoothly by dispatching handymen and diligently checking on their work. Additionally, Joshua takes an active role in showcasing available units to prospective tenants, providing them with personalized tours and detailed information. His hands-on approach and attention to detail contribute to the overall success of the company, while ensuring that properties are well-maintained and attractive to potential tenants.